A Journey Through the Wild West of Web Development Begins

Adrian Miasik


Alright Chris. I finally made that website I was talking about. It's not much, but it's a start :)

In fact, I'm not even sure this will properly work on most web browsers. There isn't any proper meta data or html tags here. But that's the beauty of this. I get to find out and learn as I go! These words you are reading right now are being written inside my text editor. Just as I'm done typing this sentence I'm going to save this file as index.html and drag and drop this file into my web browser. (Here's hoping this will work)

Yup, it worked! (Which should be fairly obvious to you since you are reading this)

So what is this place? Well...

I'm Adrian.
I'm the dude writing these words you are reading right now. Yup. That's me. (btw I'm glad that's the voice you chose for me)

I've done some web development in my career and spare time but I'm still really new to it. I wanted to get back into web dev and also had an itch to create my own website. Currently my domain https://www.adrianmiasik.com redirects to my itch page the most recent version of this website.   I've been meaning to create a proper place for my domain. So I'll be creating a website that I can use for my portfolio work and also a site that I can document this journey on.

I also want to create a visual timeline for the history of this site as I create it over time. I'm not sure how far I'll explore that idea but we'll see!

Check back soon!